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Don Lawrence, born Lawrence Docimo in 1901 was a Paterson Bandleader, started the then popular "Revellers" in 1919,  later to become the "Don Lawrence Orchestra" which headlined in country clubs and society circles for the next six decades. ( This writer played tenor sax for the band) Mr. Lawrence, a banjoist, guitarist and vocalist was committed to the quality of the music industry for the rest of his life after he ended a stint in the Navy during World War 1. Mr. Lawrence passed on June 24, 2000 at age 98...Happily, I still play the sax...I still do the 70's Rock Shows and Country Shows I did back then....We still do the same quality music Don did back in the day.

He served as treasurer of the Paterson, NJ Local 248 American Federation of Musicians...I served as a union rep. many years ago.

Our goal, as part of the Don Lawrence Musical Family, since 1919, is to maintain the quality and standards set by Mr. Lawrence 100 years ago.

So when you call Rusty's Piano / Organ Co. , Aeolian Keyboards , Vintage Hammond Organ Service, Inc. or "The Rusty Lawrence Show" you know the standards are the industry's very best.

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Rusty Lawrence, CEO